Vintage Rugs, which have thousands of different patterns that make our home look beautiful than it is, have taken an important place in our culture for centuries. Rugs are just like carpets; It is one of our most used items in our homes. In this article, we tried to detail all rug models one by one. We also tried to explain what details you should pay attention to when buying rugs by giving a couple of important tips.


To start with, you'll need to decide where you will use the turkish rugs you will buy before you go shopping. You've to decide whether to purchase a rug for your living room, a rug for your living room, or perhaps old rugs for a nursery. In order to reveal the rug you will choose in your room and to attract attention, you need to choose appropriate vibrant colors and different patterns. If you utilize ethnic patterned rugs , your room will undertake a far more bohemian style.

Generally, while choosing the size of the rugs , care is taken to not cover the whole room. In place of rugs covering the whole room, light colored and small sized rugs can make your room look more spacious and stylish. Furthermore, small-sized rugs that not cover the whole room make your room appear bigger than normal. After that, the rug you select should be in harmony with the furniture and accessories in your room and along with of your wall. Hand woven rugs are more expensive and more valuable than ready-made rugs , to help you hang these rugs on the wall to produce a decor.